some more new items tonight.

this top is seriously only $20

amazing goddess of a kimono just added to the store

my store is back open!  i’m celebrating by offering a 20% discount code for anyone who shares my store and lets me know.  i will make it easy.  you can even just reblog this and send me an ask or feel free to post anything from the store on any of your sites or Facebook.  affordable vintage even more affordable for a limited time!  more items are listed all the time, and all orders come with free gifts! shhhh
thanks everyone 



not only did i find the coolest little girl top….  i found the coolest little girl 2 piece pajama set.

I’m selling this awesome girl power pajama set ( and many other things )

just added this pretty piece to the store

only $30!

my store is officially back open

only 8 items up so far but i will be adding more all the time.

so glad to be back, better than ever.

last time i’m gonna post this

Tomorrow is the last day to shop my store!  Most items are only $5.  I would love to sell everything, so I am adding an additional 10% off with coupon code: BESTFRIENDS (use at check out)

3 days left to shop my store

most items are only $5

thanks for all the support!

i’m shutting down my shop for the first time in over 4 years to go to europe.

it’s bittersweet.

only 2 weeks left before I go, so last call to purchase anything!

everything is super cheap, comes with free gifts, and helps me out a lot.

win. win. win.

Because I am spending this summer in Europe, the store will be closed while I am away. 

Until I leave, everything is SUPER reduced. I would love to sell everything listed before I go. The last day to purchase anything is May 29th.  I will be back late summer! <3

EVERYTHING is on sale!

All tops and bottoms are $15 and under

All dresses and outerwear are $20 and under