last time i’m gonna post this

Tomorrow is the last day to shop my store!  Most items are only $5.  I would love to sell everything, so I am adding an additional 10% off with coupon code: BESTFRIENDS (use at check out)

3 days left to shop my store

most items are only $5

thanks for all the support!

i’m shutting down my shop for the first time in over 4 years to go to europe.

it’s bittersweet.

only 2 weeks left before I go, so last call to purchase anything!

everything is super cheap, comes with free gifts, and helps me out a lot.

win. win. win.

Because I am spending this summer in Europe, the store will be closed while I am away. 

Until I leave, everything is SUPER reduced. I would love to sell everything listed before I go. The last day to purchase anything is May 29th.  I will be back late summer! <3

EVERYTHING is on sale!

All tops and bottoms are $15 and under

All dresses and outerwear are $20 and under

everything has been marked down!


 you can get 30% off all orders over $30
Just use code: SPRINGCLEANING at checkout!

This month we have a huge sale … 
Get 30% off any order over $30!
Just use code: SPRINGCLEANING at checkout

 For every purchase this month, you will also receive a free gift!