everything is either new, or on sale.

so you may want to take a peek….


the most tumblr photo i took today.

Please don’t confront me with my failures.

the spider living in my car.

his name is lucy.

I made a private blog!

I like to think that this is my professional blog. (so professional, obviously)
But I want to be able to talk openly on here with my homies!
I can’t do it anywhere else on this world of internets!

Anyone that knows me personally, or any of you cool tumblr folk, message me for the password.


new ikea canopy.

now i can hide in my own little world.

… i am five years old.

Dear anyone who cares,

I have not died or fallen of the face of this earth. (yet)

I am merely ill, as in the ill where I’m even more lazy than usual.


Imma sleep.

i made this for all my friends.

i hope you like it.